Our mission

1. Sharing experiences and best practices on how countries are addressing the youth unemployment challenge at national and regional levels based on specific roadmaps that take into account their context

2. Supporting responsible and efficient social dialogue on shared critical themes

3. Mobilizing resources and implementing skills development, apprenticeships, entrepreneurship, intermediation and employment programmes for the youth.

  1. Identifying best practices in private sector development programmes such as innobooster (turning ideas into business plans), incubation and technical and financial support for startups

5. Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship throughout the continent in particular in schools, universities and amongst the youth in general

Our objectives

  1. Advocacy in order to ensure that youth employment becomes a priority issue throughout the continent
  2. Supporting countries with technical support in the implementation and piloting of action plans on youth employment , employability and entrepreneurship (3Es)
  3. Identifying and sharing the best practices in countries, encouraginging the development of specific roadmaps on employment and employability
  4. Supporting responsible and efficient social dialogue on the basis of shared thematic areas
  5. Promoting and supporting initiatives aimed at
  • Skills development, apprenticeships and life long learning
  • Promoting an entrepreneurial culture among the youth in the continent
  • Encouraging activities that build a strong ecosystem, micro-small and medium sized enterprises that are viable and sustainable , strong value chains and specific support for formalization of informal economy operators

Supporting the development of rural and agriculture based jobs particularly through social and solidarity economy and handicrafts.