Our strategy

Jobs for Africa Foundation fully appreciates that youth unemployment in Africa is not just an economic or a social issue. It has become a national security issue for all African countries. Our number one priority is creating awareness and mobilization at the continental level about the dangers of doing nothing with regard to youth unemployment, education, skills development and entrepreneurship. This is the raison d’être of Jobs for Africa Foundation.

We want to act as the catalyst, the convener and the think tank that will create the conditions to mobilize and develop ideas together to tackle the youth unemployment challenge. Jobs for Africa Foundation will seek to play an important role in building partnerships with other stakeholders in order to make sure that youth in Africa benefit from Africa’s renewal. Building partnerships is in line with the African Youth Decade 2009-2018 Plan of Action which is a framework for multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional engagement of all stakeholders towards the achievement of the goals and objectives of the African Youth Charter